Guest Speakers

 Mike Smith will be our guest speaker at the February meeting.  Topics will be
“Raising Queens” and “Different Types of Splits”


  • Ben Chadwick, Spring Fever Farm, State Bee Inspector
  • Alden Marshall, Bee-Line Apiaries
  • Troy Hall, Hall Apiaries, Northern Queens
  • Mike Bayko, Vice President NHBA
  • Wendy & Bill Booth, MyBeeBuddy
  • Andrew Timmons, NH Fish & Game Bear Management
  • Dr. Alan Rosen, Mid-State Health Center, Allergic Reactions
  • Richard Lobban, Archeologist, Beekeeping in Ancient Egypt and Africa
  • Sepp Meyer, Beekeeping Practices in Europe
  • Mike Burtt, fondant recipe demonstration
  • Barry Chapin, lip balm recipe demonstration
  • Judy Hall shared photos and information on beekeeping practices in Romania from her recent trip
  • Gerard Godville, preparing and wrapping your hives for winter
  • Amy Papineau, UNH Cooperative Extension Field Specialist – plant selections for our area which provide good forage for our bees from spring through fall.
  • Steven Webber, EMT, Monadnock Club – presentation on Epipens
  • Steve Schmidt, FSA, Grafton County Office, Orford – Emergency Loss Assistance Program for honeybees and farm raised fish program (ELAP)
  • Alan Eaton, Ticks and Diseases in the Apiary
  • Reyah Carlson, Apitherapist
  • Steve Heath, Fire Chief of the Ashland EMS/Fire Dept. on “Use of Epi-Pens”
  • Local speakers on related topics for beekeepers