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Do you need a queen?
Gerard received a message from John Stanley of Honeybee Headquarters
that right now he has 3 Russian queens available to ship out.
He will also have more Russian and Italian queens every week until sometime in August.
He will be coming up to Lincoln area on July 1 and can
bring queens then, which would save the $25 shipping cost.
Contact John at (424) 246-6392 or
Hello fellow beekeepers! 
I hope you are all keeping a close eye on your hives!  Reasons:
1.    We have had many days of rain and cool weather
2.     Bees should be getting stronger.
3.     As their population increases we must give them more room
If you haven’t done this – your hives may be congested….this can promote swarming.
With the warm weather coming – they’ll be looking for more room.
Keep an eye on your hives!!
See you at our next meeting!   Gerard
 PBBA will be hosting the Fall 2017 NHBA meeting on Saturday,
October 21st at the Bridgewater Town Hall on Route 3A.

We will be looking for volunteers to form a committee
for planning/set up/take down for the Fall Meeting.

We now have three local merchants carrying beekeeping equipment:
Rand’s Hardware, Main St., Plymouth
(Rand’s is offering a discount on bee merchandise if
you show your club membership ID card.)
Yeaton Agway, Highland St., Plymouth
Tractor Supply, Boulder Point Dr., Plymouth

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